ASFLA Conference

ASFLA 2018 – 26th -28th September

**Call for papers is now closed**

Convener: David Caldwell

Community, Capital and Culture: Celebrating SFL

This conference continues the celebratory theme initiated at ASFLA 2016 by focusing on the achievements of Systemic Functional Linguistics. The conference is inclusive of all areas and applications of SFL, as well as related fields of inquiry, such as multimodality and LCT.

For this reason, we have chosen the concepts of community, capital and culture as guiding themes. All three concepts are integral to the architecture and principles of SFL.

This conference will reflect on key concepts on SFL itself; to constructively reflect on the role of community, capital and culture in SFL. What positive role has the SFL community played in the development of this research? What capital does SFL have? What does SFL culture afford? What other communities have contributed to and engaged with SFL in the development of this research?

We see this conference as an opportunity for constructive scholarly reflection, as well as an opportunity to instigate a positive and celebratory disposition that will define ASFLA in Adelaide, 2018.

We invite you to join us from September 26-28, 2018 at the University of South Australia, Adelaide to explore these questions further with the SFL community.

The Call for Presenters has now closed. If you would like to learn more about registering for and attending the conference full details can be accessed on the conference website.

Plenary speakers:

Day 1: Developments in SFL
Dr Jing Hao

Jing Hao is currently a postdoctoral research fellow in The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. She holds a doctoral degree in linguistics from the University of Sydney. Her research has made a significant contribution to the development of ideational discourse semantics in Systemic Functional Linguistics. Her recent research interests include disciplinary knowledge building in both English and Mandarin Chinese. She has a forthcoming book Analysing Scientific Discourse from a Systemic Functional Linguistic Perspective (Routledge).

Day 2: SFL Education Day
Professor Meg Gerbard

Meg Gebhard from the University of California, Berkeley, 2000, is a Professor of Applied Linguistics in the College of Education at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. She currently directs the Secondary English Teacher Education Program and was the co-director of the ACCELA Alliance (Access through Critical Content and English Language Acquisition). This partnership was a university-school collaborative designed to support classroom teachers in using a Hallidayan perspective of language and learning to design, implement, and critically reflect on curriculum, instruction, and assessment in the context of high stakes school reforms in the United States. Her work has appeared in journals such as the TESOL Quarterly, Modern Language Journal, Journal of Second Language Writing, Linguistics and Education, and Language Arts.

Day 3: Applications in SFL
Dr Lucy Macnaught

Lucy Macnaught is an Academic Learning Advisor at Auckland University of Technology. She collaborates with faculty staff to integrate and teach academic literacies across tertiary programmes. Her research draws on Systemic Functional Linguistics and Legitimation Code Theory in the analysis of classroom discourse, curricula and student writing. She is particularly interested in classroom metalanguage, academic writing development and teacher education. Her PhD in educational linguistics investigated the collaborative writing methodology of joint construction. Previously, Lucy has worked as an English teacher on intensive pre-tertiary programmes, and as a sessional TESOL lecturer. She has also participated in a number of large-scale research projects that explore discipline-specific literacy and teachers’ knowledge about language in secondary schooling.

Keynote Speakers:

Day One: Developments in SFL

  • Professor Kay O’Halloran
  • Associate Professor Susan Hood
  • Dr Shoshana Dreyfus
  • Jessica Scott

Day Two: SFL Education Day

  • Professor Beverly Derewianka
  • Dr Bronwyn Parkin and Dr Helen Harper
  • Dr Sally Humphrey
  • Erika Matruglio

Day Three: Applications in SFL

  • Associate Professor Monika Bednarek
  • Dr Michele Zappavigna and Sumin Zhao
  • Dr Helen Caple
  • Beatriz Quiroz (TBC)

More information on the keynotes can be found here: Plenaries and Keynotes

Workshops 27 September

Brian Dare: Unpacking metaphor across the learning areas
Bronwyn Custance: SFL and the clause in the Australian Curriculum: English – Understanding and teaching transitivity using literature
Dr Yaegan Doran: Legitimation Code Theory Semantics Workshop: Semantic gravity: Cutting edge tools for seeing context-dependence of knowledge in language


David Caldwell (ASFLA 2018 Conference Convenor)